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Anonymous: Hey if you need help with exercises I might be able to help cause I have a heart murmur so I can't run either

That would be lovely thank you!



ph. Cecy Young
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I don’t know what else to say about my body, except that i feel like a fat lard 100% of the time. I quit smoking, hoping that would maybe help me feel better and i just can’t stop thinking awful things about myself. I want to run, i want to be a size 3 again, i want to look so amazing but having really bad athsma makes me feel like i’m trapped in a cage. If anyone out there has advice on how to run/exercise with athsma message me.



A Fin whale carcass the bears have been feeding on for the past year lies beneath the surface of the water, Svalbard, Norway.

Christian Dior Couture FW ‘08/09